Ansys Fluent CFD Consulting

Ansys Fluent CFD ConsultingConsulting & Performing Industrial and Academic CFD Projects Using Ansys Fluent. This site provides CFD research, consulting and training services for industry and Academia. We will use our knowledge and expertise of the different physics computational modeling to carry out the engineering necessary to ensure that the modeling result be valid based on your present and future needs.

Saeed Sadeghi is a Computational Fluid Mechanics expert, who owns the Ansys Fluent CFD Consulting website. It has as its main activity consultancy within Fluid mechanics covering Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

What sets us apart from the competition is our pronounced expertise in modelling and further development. We take over CFD assignments that cannot be solved with conventional CFD methods.

I offer computational fluid dynamics services using the ANSYS FLUENT commercial codes. A wide range of fluid flow and thermal problems can be solved with the powerful and robust ANSYS FLUENT Solvers. I have many years of CFD experience working on a variety of problems. 

The ANSYS family of products have raised the bar for engineering software, bringing many additions and improvements to the enterprise-wide engineering environment. ANSYS, Inc. has successfully moved specialized, high-end, point-solution software into the mainstream of product development, available and usable to all involved. All products contain sophisticated state-of-the-art equation solvers, geometry input, and the most robust meshing techniques available in CAE software.

ANSYS, Inc. has grown to be the number one simulation software company in the world by offering their customers unparalleled breadth of capability and unmatched depth in functionality. The wide offering of products is held together and leveraged by the ANSYS Workbench technology that provides pre and post processing capabilities that are second to none. ANSYS FLUENT is a general purpose CFD solver with a  broad physical modeling capability.

While basically relying on the solution of the Navier-Stokes equations, the applications of computational fluid dynamics vary widely. I have worked in a CFD consulting role to solve problems for a range of different applications through CFD simulation, encompassing many different flow physics, including advanced Turbulence modeling, multiple phase flow, cavitation, Combustion, and fluid-structure interaction. 

Please review my previous projects to obtain a small sampling of the types of computational fluid dynamics engineering projects I have completed.